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Client Corner: How To Connect 🔌 Your Social Media Accounts

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to link your social media pages securely, allowing us access to post on your behalf. 🙌

Social Pilot

We use a third party piece of software called SocialPilot.co to plan and schedule your social media 📱 plans on each platform.

From your client dashboard, click on "Social Accounts" to access the login screen to set up your Social Pilot account. You will sign up by setting a username (the e-mail you signed up for a subscription with) and setting a password. 🔑

This link is also where you will go each week to review your posts for approval and/or revisions.

Connecting ⌨️ Your Accounts

1. Once you have set up your username and password for Social Pilot, you will land on the dashboard. (You will not see all the same options on the left side navigation.)

2. Click on the 🖱️ 'Accounts' button.

3. Click on the 🖱️ 'Add Account' button under the platform(s) you purchased a subscription for.

4. Each authorization will look slightly different, but generally will take you to a screen asking you to link your account via your username and password and authorize SocialPilot.co to have access to the account. Below is an example of what the Twitter authorization looks like:

5. And that's all for now! It may ask you about selecting a schedule for post times on your account - just disregard. We will get that all set up for you when we schedule your plan out.

If you have any troubles 🆘 getting signed up for your Social Pilot account, please e-mail help@contentcupcakes.com and we will help walk you through it.

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