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Client Corner: How To Send 📩 Us Your Documents

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to send us pictures, video, audio or documents that may be applicable to your social media planning. 🙌


We use a third party piece of software called Dropbox 📦 to receive any documents you may like us to use in your social posts.

Don't have a Dropbox account? No problem, they offer a free option if your files are less than 2GB. Just enter your name, e-mail and password to sign up for your account.

Sending Documents

1. Once you have set up your Dropbox account, you will want to click on the 🖱️ 'New Folder' button.

2. Name your 'New Folder' 📂 the name of the company you created your Content Cupcakes subscription under. A blank folder will open, ready for you to load your documents.

3. You can either click the 🖱️ 'Upload' button and browse your computer to select files you'd like to send to us, or you can 'Drop and Drag' documents into the middle of the folder and it will upload them. Examples of files you may want to send: 🖼️ Logos, branding materials, examples of social posts you like, video, pictures, copy you want included, a schedule of important dates or sales details, etc. (It's OK if you don't have any documents to share!)

4. Once you have added your documents, click the 🖱️ 'Share' button and select the option to add an e-mail. Use clients@contentcupcakes.com as the e-mail. IMPORTANT: Make sure you share at the folder level and not when you are on individual documents.

5. And that's all for now! Once we are linked, you can continue to add or remove documents and we will be able to see the folder just as you do. Pretty neat, right?

If you have any troubles 🆘 getting signed up for your Dropbox account, please e-mail help@contentcupcakes.com and we will help walk you through it.

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