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Are you a solopreneur, startup, or small business owner who is low on time, sanity + sales? We got you, friend.


We specialize in whipping up fresh and delicious custom content, created specific to your business, and fully managed on your social media pages.


Sounds like a tasty treat, doesn't it?

We give you big agency creativity with the price tag of "we understand small business" - because that's who we are too.


✅ Time Savings. Stop the cycle of trying to be a master marketer on top of running your business. We have the expertise to handle all aspects of your content creation so you can get back to running your business. 

✅ Convenience. Think of this: No planning. No managing staff. No designing. No caption writing. No hashtag research. Just select your platforms and let us get to work. It's an easy monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime that comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.


✅ Customers. We understand the customer buying cycle and how social media posts need to nurture that relationship from your first introduction to their first (and continued) purchases. Let us put our refined and tested strategies to work so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.



✋ Another Course. Yes. There are AMAZING coaches + courses out there. You love to learn and are super smart, so you CAN do it all. I don't doubt it. One bit. But, my dear, you HAVE NO TIME. Why are you giving your precious time to anything but your core business? 

✋ More Templates. Check out those cheap and tasty little templates looking like a snack on Fiverr and Etsy! Remember the last time you bought a set and were super disappointed in how generic + cookie-cutter they were? See item #1 again. You are not a graphic designer. YOU 👏 HAVE 👏 NO 👏 TIME. 👏

✋ A Super Secret Special Strategy Guide. Neat. Time to beef up that marketing budget so you can hire a team of professionals to execute super involved, multi-channel strategy for you. Those strategies and guides are fantastic until you have to FIND THE TIME and specialized skills to execute them.

Cupcake Foils


Don't take our word for it, hear it directly from our clients! 




OH-EM-GEE! I have the most AMAZING idea, business, service, or product that EVERYONE will definitely see value in!

I'll just create up some super-easy social media posts with one of these handy-dandy template systems and the MASSES will come!

I'm going to make a TON OF SALES. I'll have THOUSANDS of followers! 
I might be a MILLIONAIRE by tomorrow. Just sayin'.


You have a follower count of 27, which may or may not include your parents and third grade teacher. (Hi, Mrs. Jensen!)

You post every third Tuesday and on days when the wind blows in a Northwesterly direction.


You still don't understand why every social media channel uses different size posts. A square can work for everything, right? Right?

That post you changed 506 times over the last week before hitting publish seems to have been banished to the island of invisible posts. That won't stop you from obsessively checking every hour to see if there are any new likes or follows.
(There's not.)

Your bank account is decreasing instead of increasing. Somehow you managed to spend more money in tools, freelancers, and promoting your posts than you got in sales or leads. Ugh!

Sound painfully familiar?



We are glad you asked. Here's a couple options:
You could smother those sad social media sorrows in a cupcake

(we won't judge, been there - done that)


You could get some professional social media bakers in the kitchen to whip up some piping hot, delicious content. 

Both scenarios end with cupcakes.

Only one involves tears. 

Image by Kari Shea


✅ No more time spent stressing over what to post, when to post it, and where you'll find the time to keep up the effort consistently.

No more writer's block, staring at a screen wondering what your caption should say. Emoji or not to emoji? Not your worry anymore!


✅ Fresh, individualized content served up weekly for review. Make some tweaks (or not) and get back to running your business and making that sweet money, honey!

✅ No more researching hashtags or trying to keep up with whatever the latest trend is on social media. You have people that handle that for you now, you fancy-pants business owner, you.

✅ No more trying to coordinate a designer over here, a copywriter over there, and an assistant to schedule and monitor the posts. 






✅ Research. We obsessively research your business and industry. We narrow in on your ideal consumer(s) and then craft a marketing plan to speak to them. We find relevant articles, blog posts, statistics and tools to make sure you are being presented as a thought-leader in your industry, building trust and establishing authority with soon-to-be buyers.

✅ Planning. We don't just throw some posts together based on whatever scraps are left in the kitchen. Oh no, my friend, a lot of thought and care goes into making sure we keep a balance of posts to nurture prospective customers throughout the buying process. Spoiler Alert: Blasting your sales, your USP and promotions on every post will NOT get you sales. It's like dating. We have to give them reasons to like you first. 


✅ Design. Each week you'll ooh and ahh at new, beautiful, custom designs that were created specific to your company. We believe it's important to have a consistent look and feel on social media, so your posts will maintain cohesiveness in coloring, font choices and style. We are biased, but we think our designers are pretty AH-MAZ-ZING! 

✅ Copywriting. Due to that in depth research and planning we did, we know exactly who we are targeting with your posts and write the captions accordingly.  We also love to test and refine our messaging as we learn about your audience and ideal consumers along the way.

✅ Hashtags. We pay for software so you don't have to. We use a nifty service that helps us curate creative hashtags based on your keywords, helping us identify the best keywords to get more eyes on your posts.  We vary hashtags along the way because we like to keep things spicy! I mean, sweet. 

✅ Scheduling. We pay for another piece of software so you don't have to. We load your posts each week and notify you that your posts are ready for review. We have done our research and pick the best days and times based on the platform, your ideal customer as well as how your posts have historically performed. From here you can approve, request revisions or just ignore it and in three business days your posts will auto-approve (you can opt out of the auto-approve) and post. Easy-peasy! 

✅ Reports. In (you guessed it) another piece of software we pay for so you don't have to - we keep EVERYTHING we do in one central client portal.  This is where you can manage your subscriptions, communicate with us, review your posts and even see live analytics for your linked pages. 

Did we mention all of this is JUST our social media management service?


🚨 Spoiler Alert:  We actually do ALL forms of content creation (websites, blogging, lead magnets, copywriting, email campaigns, etc.) but those extra goodies are reserved just for our family of Content Cupcakes clients. 




1️⃣ Select from one of our packages or build your own custom package to meet your unique business needs and budget.💳

All packages are provided in a convenient monthly subscription, allowing you to "set it and forget it" (if you want) with our secure checkout process. 🔑

Best of all, we offer a 14-day full refund guarantee. 


2️⃣ Next we will collect some basic information from you through our easy on-boarding process 📋, allowing us to focus your social media strategy to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Whether you'd prefer we surprise you ✨ with our creative recipes or would rather get specific on the ingredients you prefer - we can make it happen.

We will have you securely connect your social media accounts without the need to share your credentials.


3️⃣ We will have your first set of posts ready for review within 5 to10 business days. ✅​ You can be as 🙌 hands-on, or off, as you prefer.


You will be notified and begin your review period to approve, submit revision requests or just keep-on-keeping-on and after the review period ends without comment, the posts will auto-approve and post to your accounts. 🆗


Convenient, huh?

4️⃣ Grab some coffee and a cupcake with all that free time you now have on your hands. ☕🧁

Get back to that growing to-do list and enjoy being able to focus your time and energy 🤸🏽‍♂️ on the areas of your business that need your attention. 

If you need us, we will be in the kitchen! 👩‍🍳







I don't get it. How does this work?

Once you have signed up for your package, you will immediately be sent to your client dashboard. From there, you will be guided through of onboarding process. We will be in touch within 24 hours and, if you'd like, we can set up an introduction call. (Or e-mail, or video chat. You get to drive.) Once we have recieved your onboarding questionnaires we will begin our research of your business, your competitors and your industry to whip up your first batch of social media posts. You will recieve an e-mail with a preview of your first set of posts and you can approve, ask for revisions or, if you are too busy, just let the review period run out and the post will auto-approve and post. Easy peasy!

How long will it take before the posts start?

Once you submit your onboarding questionnaire, it usually takes 5-10 business days before your first batch of social media posts will be ready for review.

Do I get to review and approve my posts?

Of course! We will always be working a week ahead and will send you an e-mail each week with your batch of new posts. You can approve, request revisions or just let the approval window timer run out and your posts will auto-approve and post to your accounts. The process can be as hands-on, or off, as you prefer.

What kind of content will you post?

Well, that depends on a lot of factors - including your input on what you would LIKE to have post on your page. We also do extensive research on your industry, business and competitors to cook up a competitive strategy for you. Posts may include: Customized graphics, branding, promotional posts, industry news or articles, questions and answers, quotes and motivation, tips and tricks, engagement, seasonal posts, national holidays, images and videos, blog posts and more.

When will you post on my pages?

Your posting strategy for days and time can either be directed by your preference, or if you leave it to the cooks - we will use a combination each platforms statistics for engagement as well as past performance of when your audience has been most responsive historically.

Is the same content posted across all the platforms?

Your overall marketing strategy, themes and content will be consistent across platforms, however, you will see a number of changes as we customize your social plan to meet each platform you selected: Graphic sizing and layouts will be revised, captions will be optimized to the platform, hashtags (if relevant) will be optimized to the platform. We also schedule posts during different days/times to reach the most eyes as possible with each post. (Unless you want otherwise. See the theme here?)

How involved will I have to be?

You are hiring us so we can save you time and energy. Once you complete the onboarding questionnaire, the only other thing we will need from you will be updates on promotions, events, offers or images if you want specific content for the month. Otherwise, if you wanted, you could just ignore every e-mail and never speak to us again (we hope you do, though!) and your pages and posts will continue to be managed without you needing to lift a finger. Pretty nice, right?

Is there a contract?

Nope. Our services are month-to-month and meant to be just as convenient as the social media management we offer. You can cancel anytime from your client portal (or e-mail us) and you will not be charged for the following month and services will end at the end of your monthly billing cycle.

How does the 14 day refund guarantee work?

You can request a full refund anytime within the first 14 days of your initial purchase. If you are unhappy with our services for any reason, we want to make it right. While we hope that doesn't have to mean parting ways, we want to make it easy and stress-free for you if it does. Consider it a taste test on us!

Do you guys do more than just social media management?

Oh yes. We do it all. If it's online content - we've got you covered. Social Media Paid Ad Campaigns Social Media Engagement or Reputation Management Social Media Growth (Real followers, no bots) Websites Copywriting (Product Descriptions, Blog Posts, Website Pages, Script Writing, etc.) Graphic Design Infographics Course Creation eBooks Email Marketing Presentations or Pitch Decks Video Intros and Outros Video Editing Basically if it is online content - we do it. However, these services are only available to our socal media management clients. You will have access via your client portal to additional offerings with special client pricing. Need something you don't see listed? Just send an e-mail to help@contentcupcakes.com and we will work with you on a quote for services.

Will I still be able to post to my social media pages?

Of course! You can post as much or as little as you'd like.




Interactive Pricing Calculator - Create Your Own Custom Package

Step 1: Pick Your Base Ingredients

Just like all good recipes, your social media plan requires a solid foundation that can be highlighted and accentuated. 


Not all social media platforms are created equally, and so it is important to start your plan off on the right foot by making sure you include at least one of the two social media giants in your recipe: Facebook or Instagram.  


Think of it like picking vanilla, chocolate or swirl for your cupcake before we add the frosting + sprinkles. (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business and Pinterest)

Step 2: Add Frosting + Sprinkles

Here is your opportunity to highlight and bring out the taste of what really makes you special, customizing your social media recipe to your customer's unique tastes. 

Enjoy adding supplemental social media posts at steep discounts to expand reach and ensure your message lands on your ideal consumer's plate. 


Step 3: Don't Forget the Cherry on Top!

No recipe is complete without something a little extra sweet. Check out these extra offerings you can add to your social plan:


We offer a special Instagram Page Growth Plan, available only to our social media management clients. We grow your followers organically, curating REAL followers who share an interest in relevant hashtags, competitors or similar products/offerings your company provides. 

While we can't guarantee specific numbers - we average a minimum of over 1,000 new followers a month.




Confused on which platforms or options are best for your business?